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Bill Clinton was the first to propose legislation establishing a national patient data base.
Patient data safety is one of the most critical issues faced by the European healthcare information technology industry.
The combination of an interoperability exchange, such as Healthvision's HIE platform, with an EMR application effectively connects all clinical patient data from a variety of sources, including labs, hospitals and physician practices.
Our Colubris WLAN delivers everything we need to support continued innovation at Wayne Memorial Hospital - strong security, so patient data and systems are protected; easy management, so administrators don't have to spend a lot of time managing the system; and easy access, so our patients and visitors never have a problem with guest connectivity.
HIPAA-protected patient data and all applications are instead saved on a hospital or physician's office server, and can only be accessed by authorized users.
SecureWave's Dennis Szerszen to Provide Insight on Protecting Patient Data Through Effective Device Control
With Misys Homecare's powerful tools, agencies can optimize operations with an easy-to-use, integrated IT solution that consolidates both business and patient data.
Misys Homecare, a fully integrated, intuitive clinical and business solution, and its Executive Dashboard streamline clinical and financial information onto one, user-friendly screen offering unprecedented ease-of-use and access to critical patient data.
The integration enables improved sharing of important patient data, including medications, allergies and drug interactions, between the emergency department and hospital pharmacy.

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