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But even thought the data is de-identified, organizations still need to have some safeguards to place around it, especially if the images and patient data are stored off-site.
In order to cost effectively meet these objectives providers must address the valuation of data, providing appropriate storage of patient data including long term archival.
Believe it or not, Bill Clinton and leaders of both political parties propose to aggravate the conditions that have provoked the assault on patient privacy--the proliferation of huge computer systems loaded with patient data, and the HMO habit of reading patient files.
European Legislation Creates Emphasis on Patient Data Safety Issues
Secure clinical messaging allows physicians to share relevant patient data to expedite the consulting process while ensuring confidentiality and privacy.
The combination of an interoperability exchange, such as Healthvision's HIE platform, with an EMR application effectively connects all clinical patient data from a variety of sources, including labs, hospitals and physician practices.
Actively auditing and monitoring against unauthorized access to patient data can potentially prevent the medical, financial and emotional hardships that medical identity theft is causing for so many Americans.
In addition to offering secure access to patient data and asset-tracking services, which allows for the instant location of critical equipment, the system will enable the provisioning of guest Internet access to patients and visitors.
CyberMedx Medical Systems provides patient data management, communication, and information systems to the hospital and home care industries.

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