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Henry Goegan, a senior partner at 50 Carleton, provides figures that estimate the average patient load for a Sudbury physician is between 3,000 and 5,000, with their out-of-town referrals spending about $10 million to $15 million each year in the city.
Authorities at the hospital in east Delhi's Geeta Colony have been trying to get approval from the Delhi government to increase its work force and the land for expansion, keeping in mind the increasing patient load.
This will lower health care costs and allow for better organization of the immense patient load in hospitals.
Imagine the charge nurse who constantly takes a patient load in order to help her nurses .
DAPEC has been dealing with teen drug use for 10 years, and continues to see its patient load grow, Holliday said.
A nurse should work no more than 12 hours per day for a maximum of 60 hours per week and should carry a small enough patient load to ensure each patient's needs are met.
Unlike a charge nurse, who may be an RN or LPN, and typically has a very large patient load, the nurse practitioner has both the training and the time to recognize subtle, and sometimes atypical, signs of a resident's worsening condition.
He said that in order to overcome the patient load of the hospital, additional 600-bed in patient block was completed and shifting was expected to start within few weeks.
Initially, Polyclinic Hospital was established in 1966 to cater to government servants but with the passage of time it started providing healthcare facilities to people other than government e Polyclinic extension project, shortlisted engineering and design servants, raising patient load to 8,000 patients at present.
I don't need large ads since most of my patient load is referred to me by word of mouth.
The patient load would be hard to absorb into the region's thinly stretched health care system.
During this period the new graduate's patient load progressively increases as the guide's gradually decreases.

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