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MyVue Patient Portal and MyVue Center address the need to provide patients with access to their records, which is a key component of Meaningful Use requirements.
With the HealthPrize SaaS platform embedded into the Aprima EHR, patients will have direct access through their Patient Portal to an engaging and effective program designed to educate, promote adherence, and add a fun factor through the use of gamification and rewards.
Start with an underutilized tool like a patient portal, and you may be amazed by the results.
Medplus' four partners decided to introduce a patient portal to their North Shore practice to give their patients 24/7 access to their health information.
As the patient portal market in Africa is nascent, it is marked by challenges relating to costs and data security.
The global patient portal market is segmented by its type, mode of delivery, and end user.
Patient portals aren't perfect, and there are bound to be glitches as more doctors and patients start using them.
The certification confirms that InteliChart's patient portal, which includes a personal health record component, provides the capabilities, functionalities and security necessary for healthcare organizations to meet the requirements for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use.
However, in this study, patients with asthma, diabetes, and congestive heart failure who used the patient portal all increased their in-person and telephone contacts with their clinicians, compared with nonusers who had these chronic illnesses.
ANI's Consumer e-Health Engagement Task Force is encouraging nurses to deepen their personal health experience by accessing and maintaining a personal health record, asking for e-health records, and engaging providers in coordinating care through a patient portal and other e-health tools.
The seminar also will feature information on MyMercy, the patient portal that will be available from St.

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