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2003), "Understanding and acting on [sic] patient expectations are preconditions for improving patient satisfaction in the emergency department" [sic] (p.
A casual observer to the backlash against VBP might conclude that patient satisfaction is a new concept and dismissed by the majority of physicians in this country.
Schwartz and her team analyzed Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys and electronic medical records for 4,749 patients discharged from two hospitals.
Patient satisfaction has always been our number-one priority and something our outstanding and compassionate employees consistently do very well - it defines us.
The amount of variable compensation they earn is based on productivity (75 percent) and patient satisfaction (25 percent).
Al Ain scored highest for overall patient satisfaction in both inpatients (86 per cent) and outpatients (84 per cent).
Executive leadership demonstrates an ongoing commitment to improving service to our patients and to patient satisfaction.
County Durham and Darlington Acute Hospitals achieved a mortality index of 97 - making it 11th in the North - no patient satisfaction rating and 16pc long-patient waits.
The findings are based on preliminary data from a larger study of 230 patients, but additional analyses suggest the correlation between patient perception of education and patient satisfaction is even stronger than that seen initially.
A subsequent review conducted by the present authors identified a number of measures of client, consumer, and patient satisfaction that have been developed over the past 20 years in psychology, medicine, and marketing.
Requirements by managed care organizations for long-term care facilities to provide data which indicate patient satisfaction with services come on the heels of OBRA regulations for long-term care.

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