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The third hypothesis is that the waiting time has a significant effect on NHI patient satisfaction is acceptable.
Keys to patient satisfaction in the emergency department: results of a multiple facility study.
According to different studies, age has showed a complex relationship with patient satisfaction level.
They also evaluated patient satisfaction with surgeons and patient perceptions of their own health before and after surgery.
A number of studies 10-15 found no correlation among complete dentures, patient age, and patient satisfaction.
11) Therefore it is important to understand these and other psychometric terms as they relate to the measurement of patient satisfaction.
The aim of health care is patient satisfaction, very few studies are conducted in Pakistan regarding patient satisfaction, which shows that due importance is not given to this aspect.
Patient satisfaction in the DeGoias (2006) study was defined as "an aspect of quality health care, which is described as the subjective experience the patient has during receipt of that care" (DeGoias, 2006, p.
conducted a study to assess the relationship between accreditation status and patient satisfaction (13).
Due to the growing concern with patient satisfaction ratings, there has been an increase in the studies conducted on the topic.
The databases utilized were Google Scholar, Medline, Emerald, Pub-Med and Science Direct, while the main keywords used were: patient satisfaction surveys, quality improvement, patient feedback, hospitals and patient satisfaction measurement.

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