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Walls, fencing or trellis alongside a patio provide an opportunity to grow more tender climbing and wall plants whether planted in a bed at the foot or grown in containers.
Colored stones, surrounded by pavers of stained concrete, create the illusion of a stream bubbling through the center of this 12-foot patio in Berkeley.
Similarly, it would take 12 years of average single patio heater use to create the same level of carbon dioxide emissions caused by a single passenger flying from Birmingham to Majorca and back.
But if you do a lot of entertaining and the patio will be your main outdoor party area then think realistically about how many people you'll regularly be inviting over and make sure you have enough space.
Drive pegs into the ground to mark out the intended patio site, making sure their tops are at the height of the proposed finished level.
Sometimes lawns may die back if they have become contaminated by patio cleaners, de-icers or other materials used on the patio surface, or from the materials used beneath the patio.
Patio Rope is designed with food preparation in mind.
But while many homes have a patio and a backyard space, they can be rather generic areas with too much sun exposure.
And patios do not have to be right outside your back door.
Try growing in these terracotta effect planters, perfect on a patio or decking
Our local health department nixed the former because of our septic-tank setback guidelines, so I told a few landscaping experts I might tackle a patio project with the help of my wife, Karen.
So don't throw away your umbrella or abandon the patio, an island between home and garden that makes it possible to enjoy whatever fine weather turns up.