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But Zephaniah said the patois has been toned down on telly.
There is no doubt that patois is used by some people within the black community," he said.
Witness young whites today who high-five each other on meeting, who intersperse words with "man" and whose adopted Jamaican patois seems clumsy on European tongues.
The latest is the darkly amusing Wah Do Dem, whose title is Jamaican patois for What They Do.
LIKE most expat Liverpudlians, theatrical director Phillip Breen fizzes with a passion about his home town arguing that it has more than its fair share of talent, celebrity and cultural zip, although his well-modulated vowels don't betray a hint of the Scouse patois.
We also predicted on the show that GLC's infectious patois will be the pre-sleeping craze sweeping the campsites.
Within minutes cell-mate Darlene Cake was giving her an Iraqi manicure, ripping off her false nails while wittering on in her pantomime patois.
Often lapsing into Jamaican patois and never short of humour, this is a smashing book and Birmingham's own Tindal Street Press has clearly uncovered another fine talent.
Its lyrical patois and visuals make this book a delight to read.
In many ways, ``Monsoon Wedding'' can be viewed as a Bollywood movie designed for non-Indian tastes; even the characters' easy patois of Punjabi-Hindi-English, often heard within the same sentences, seems like a sop to the North American market.
Get Ur Freak On" Remix Most Inappropriate Musical Moment: Missy Elliott allowed hyperbland Nelly Furtado to attempt a Jamaican patois, culminating in her "meep-meeping" like the Road Runner.
Moqapi's poems are in patois - the folk language of Jamaica.