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Despite the overwhelming critical attention to "Revolution," however, Jolas's own depiction of the proclamation as an explicitly patois expression has been almost entirely neglected.
As a result of Saint Lucia's participation in pan-French Creole cultural cooperation, island pro-Kweyol advocates successfully created an orthography for the historically unwritten vernacular, changed the name of the language from patois to Kweyol, and established the annually celebrated Jounen Kweyol.
But the show was backed by poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who defended the characters' use of Jamaican patois.
A spokesperson for the BBC said Mr De Souza's books are written in "Afro-Caribbean patois rhyme" and this has been transferred to the TV series to retain its "heart, integrity and distinctive quality".
The second Patois release of Wayne Wallace's cohesive, San Francisco-based quintet* (augmented this time around with the Ellingtonian trombonist Julian Priester and other distinguished guests) is comprised of three amusing Wallace originals, a tune penned by the Colombian percussionist Memo Acevedo, and five venerable jazz standards refreshingly "Latinized" through Wallace's masterful arrangements, including the exquisite bolero version of Duke Ellington's "In a Sentimental Mood" and the phenomenal bomba adaptation of Eddie Harris' "Freedom Jazz Dance" (featuring Kenny Washington's scintillating scat technique).
into the patois & sucking so much joy from the tail spin
However it is also full of the local patois which made me wonder to what extent young Australian readers would persevere with the story.
If we are unable to understand your peculiar patois, your
Brooklyn's Patois has moved to 177 Mulberry Street in Manhattan.
Written by Jamaican-British author Marlon James entirely in Jamaican patois, The Book of Night Women is one of those eloquent, multitudinous novels you do not read but you become embedded in.
Her dual Jamaican and British heritage is also tackled with aplomb, with many verses written in patois that will be challenging and enjoyable to any young reader.
Much fun ensues as Philippe settles in, learns the local patois and joins in the social life.