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El) ge sa bon laorare': Female wealth, male competition, musical festivities, and the Venetian patriciate in Ruzante'spavan.
The patriciate responded to the threat posed by migrants who encroached on the guilds' privileges in two ways.
These nobles led a rebellion in the wake of the tsunami that sought to restore an Indian, Catholic patriciate.
46) Even in the city on whose foundations commercial origins were applauded with 'full civic dignity', 'the great era of the noble merchant' came under pressure at this time by Venice's patriciate, divided on how to cope with applications from men of commerce within the broader economic crisis.
Finlay's main focus, as in his earlier work, is on the internal political machinations of the Venetian patriciate.
The earliest published funeral works were for members of the nobility; only after the establishment of a printing press in Brunswick in the early seventeenth century did funeral works for the urban patriciate and professional classes become more common.
Ocean Hill-Brownsville was, among other things, the incubator in which neoconservatism began to evolve; Norman Podhoretz, then still a liberal, saw in the conflict "the formation of a new alliante between the patriciate [Bundy was a Boston Brahmin and onetime dean of Harvard College] and the underdass against the liberal center.
In general, the role of the powerful German patriciate in the cultural development of Krakow from the time of Boleslaw the Bashful (r.
Only after that did they find themselves simultaneously deprived of 'overseas', the former patriciate, credentials of Greatness and the supposed alternatives of socialism.
Three significant and interconnected contexts are the following: 1) the outpouring of eros represented by the vast sex trade of the Republic, manifested in the visual arts, (33) in clothing, and in other material aspects of culture, and refracted as the Venetian ethos of social tolerance or libertinism; 2) the sequestration of women, especially of the patriciate, in their homes, and the exclusion of virtually all women from public life; and 3) the blight of syphilis, which linked eros and thanatos in the cultural imaginary in new ways, and which was simultaneously conflated with other, more devastating plagues--especially the Black Death.
The Jesuits were said to have mounted a very Jesuitical argument against the theaters, claiming that much of the Venetian patriciate would be burned up, were the theaters to catch fire.
The Castilian Urban Patriciate and the Jewish Expulsion, 1480-1492", American Historical Review, 78 (1973), pp.