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But then, if the textual families that criticism constructs are not patrilinear but avuncular, this compelling insight also offers a very helpful model, I would add, for comprehending the always provisional, always "still-under-construction" character of literary criticism it-self, as it goes about its business of putting together the inevitably open-ended families of texts that it seeks to explore.
This confident patrilinear frame of Tibet is undercut by the endpapers of the book.
Naemi (and Ruth) thus stand for the woman who puts her life in the service of the patrilinear law, making sure "to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance" (Ruth 4.
Whether the focus is citizenship questions (Kirshner), juridical role (Kuehn), dowry ownership (Chojnacki), or remarriage and control of dowry (Chabot), it is clear that women maintained a subservient position in a society that favored patrilinear identity and power that they occasionally attempted to subvert .
Another factor contributing to conflicts of interest in Ghanaian households is that ties of lineage are often stronger than conjugal ties in all ethnic groups in Ghana, patrilinear or matrilinear (Lloyd and Brandon 1993).
formed by centuries of male cultural domination (135) and to "change the very forms of language which by its structure and history has been subject to a law that is patrilinear, therefore masculine" (131).
A patrilinear society at the heart of a centralized state like that of the Yoruba or the Buganda differs in terms of its foundations from the palabre of a lineage-based society like the Beti of Cameroon, the Lobis of Burkina, or the Bwa of Mali.
This view of the patrilinear succession from Yeats is endorsed by Eamonn Hughes's treatment of Autobiographies.
Before confronting this issue, however, Dryden underscores the horrors surrounding the debasement of England's patrilinear monarchy by the Glorious Revolution and by the Dutch prince himself.
10) The power of this speech act is not lost in as patrilinear a society as South Africa; yet when its echoes are heard in the formula Breytenbach proposes for Mr.
From the beginning the author subverts the controlling mechanisms of language and patrilinear progression by metaphorically dismembering the paternal body, the corpus of structures based on deferral and substitution that organize the symbolic.