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The idea of birth as an incontestable claim to truth is now coupled with the materiality of male power and will curiously underlie Neo's emasculation as Morpheus's proposition of the patrilinear framework of birth implies the reproduction of science through the biomedical reconstruction of Neo's body.
In some patrilinear groups, such as the Krobo, women usually have no access to lineage land, unless they are unmarried, live in their parental home, and cultivate land allocated to them by their fathers.
Women in matrilineal societies may have an advantage over their sisters in patrilinear societies.
To both Borghini and Baglione the two altarpieces spoke about patrilinear family relationships.
46] Only her commission at San Bonaventura was rendered invisible by the historical record which reflects a patrilinear, rather than bilinear, reading of the altarpiece.
Such an ima ge may not have been out of place in a Capuchin church where Mary's motherhood endowed the relationship of mother and son with special significance, but in the larger world of early modern Italy this appropriation of patrilinear imagery was not recognized.
Critics such as Jody Allen Randolph, Guinn Batten, Wanda Balzano, Claire Bracken, Susan Cahill, Catriona Clutterbuck, Lucy Collins, Claire Connolly, Patricia Coughlan, Marie Louise Coolahan, Moyra Haslett, Patricia Boyle Haberstroh, Elke d'Hoker, Anne Fogarty, Luz Mar Gonzalez Arias, Heidi Hanssen, Margaret Kelleher, Richard Kirkland, Geraldine Meaney, Ellen McWilliams, Anne Mulhall, Diane Negra, Briona Nic Dhiarmada, Cliona O Gallchoir, Maggie O Neill, Tina O Toole, Emilie Pine, Emma Radley, Hedwig Schwall, Ailbhe Smyth, Christine St Peter, Anne Owens Weekes, Claire Wills, and myself have in various ways examined the patrilinear models that have governed accounts of Irish culture to date and advanced alternative modes of mapping attachments.
These HIV positive mothers, living in a patrilinear and patrilocal society, felt isolated from their own families in the households of their in-laws.
Golding has discarded the theme of pseudo-orphanhood and search for paternity, but not that of patrilinear descent, for his Ion claims the Pisistratids as his ancestors and thus considers himself, significantly, as Athenian (pp.