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PATRIMONY. Patrimony is sometimes understood to mean all kinds of property but its more limited signification, includes only such estate, as has descended in the same family and in a still more confined sense, it is only that which has descended or been devised in a direct line from the father, and by extension, from the mother, or other ancestor.
     2. By patrimony, patrimonium, is also understood the father's duty to take care of his children. Sw. pt. 3, Sec. 18, n. 31, p. 235.

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Beyond these last considerations, as regards the efficient management of the patrimony by appropriation, the lawmaker should enact express stipulations on the transfer between live persons of the patrimony by appropriation of the merchant--natural person.
If you are a jet-setter who couldn't be bothered with resetting your clock everytime you touch down in a strange land, the Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time could be just the watch for you.
Real Subrogation and the Quebec Trust Patrimony Conclusion
He brought his Anglican patrimony with him (consultation of the laity, development of doctrine, patristic instead of scholastic sources, primacy of conscience) and he made waves with it.
This recognition seeks to "highlight the cultural expressions that best represent the patrimony of the countries in the hemisphere," said Secretary General Insulza, who also expressed his satisfaction at being able to honor Peruvian gastronomy since "it has become a great ambassador and attraction for this beautiful country and continues to be a living representation of its cultural treasures.
The Beirut stage has seen its share of dissidents to the state's laissez-faire attitude toward the country's architectural patrimony.
Now, he says, our patrimony is on the negotiating table, with Bibi on one side of it and Mitchell, Obama, Hilary and Rahm, the EU and the Arab States on the other side.
The National Agency for Mining Patrimony stated that the prequalification forms had become available Sunday for 20 uranium and gold licences.
Unlike other nations today where the masses and the elite largely share a common patrimony, the African "elite is culturally narrowing its base and steadily alienating itself from the cultures and languages of mass society".
Even though the modern states of Italy and Greece, the fiercest proponents of the argument that ancient artefacts are primarily objects of national patrimony, were never colonised, they argue that by the exercise of its great wealth, America behaves like an imperialist power when it deprives them of their antiquities.
All we are doing is protecting he culinary patrimony of the town.
finds from his research in the period's records of repudiation of inheritance that heirs could get out from under a patrimony or exercise a familial or persona strategy by sending the estate on to another.