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8220;Keeping track of employee time can be a real hassle for small business owners,” said Wendy Smith, payroll manager for Patriot Software.
Patriot Act Services' online system compares an individual's personal information to millions of records, then determines if that information is consistent with what the real customer would be expected to provide.
A large majority of those who responded to the study, which used anonymous responses to address legal concerns related to the Patriot Act's ban on revealing that they have received specific requests, said they had not been contacted by any law enforcement agencies since October 2001, when the Patriot Act was passed.
Air Force F-16 fired on a Patriot battery, but there were no deaths or injuries.
The basic idea behind having the sunsets in place, especially for those members who uneasily voted in favor of the bill, was to have some mechanism that would force Congress to give the Patriot Act a long, sober second look, a look that they felt to be essential in a democracy.
Since its passage in October 2001, the Patriot Act has decimated many basic American civil liberties.
The Strong Patriot model was given to MTMC in January 2001.
The Patriot Act is like a puzzle," says Tracy Mitrano, Cornell University's co-director of the Computer Policy and law program, and policy adviser in the Office of Information Technologies.
Two months after the Oklahoma City bombing threw a spotlight on the armed wing of the Patriot movement, the incident has not thinned the Patriots' ranks or toned down their rhetoric.