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The president said the Egyptian military had served patriotically and responsibly and must now lay out a clear path toward fair elections.
CUTLINE: Among Best Costume competitors shown: Diane Baxter of Jefferson holds Hattie, dressed patriotically, at right; bottom photo: Kim Haines of Bedford, N.
MTV presenter - and Sugababe Heidi Range's fiance - Dave Berry joined news man Donal McIntyre in patriotically (and perhaps unwisely) picking England to lift the trophy.
For the first time this summer, I had plucked from the wardrobe a linen suit of the sort once favoured by those middle-ranking diplomats, who sipped gin and perspired patriotically beneath gasping fans in forgotten reaches of the old British Empire.
A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this unforgettable true-life window into the lives and struggles of people who patriotically served their country.
And, a bit like the way everyone patriotically bellows The Green Green Grass Of Home, seemingly oblivious to the revelation at the end about it being the final thoughts of a bloke going to the gas chamber, Larkin's last stanza is equally seldom quoted.
Welsh fish lovers can now shop patriotically, following the launch of a new range at Morrisons.
He keeps two motorbikes, one in LA - patriotically, a Triumph - and one in London.
The band closed the show with the patriotically influenced," Yo Mann ta Mero Nepali ho," which both the band and the audience sang with zealous pride.
Ordering them to visit the fronflines would force them to "look once into the eyes of the people about whose lives they decide so patriotically and pathetically, so that they know what they do; so that they understand that their horizon is not the end of the world.
Puddings are patriotically British - sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream that will have your arteries screaming for mercy.
Obama, according to them, is not patriotically American because his middle name is Hussein.