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From full-scale battle sequences to a blond boy standing up in a tin bath in a dark room, it's exciting to see post-communism Russian cinema patriotically revisiting its own history like this.
This development calls for greater scrutiny from the public, the schools said, noting that the public should "take a keen interest in, and to patriotically support, the emergence of the truth and the requisite acts of justice and reparation that must follow from the truth.
Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte, Italy's Stefania Pirozzi and several of the American swimmers, including Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt, have already showcased patriotically coloured, striped or flag painted nails.
Ants bond through pheromones while human societies bond nationalistically or patriotically.
When one grizzled war veteran, played by real-life double amputee Colonel Gregory D Gadson, growls patriotically, "Let's see if we can't buy the world another day
Mrs Stanfield recalled buying brown paper from the local shop, patriotically decorated her homemade scrapbook with red, blue and white ribbon and then cutting and pasting photographs of the grand occasion from newspapers and magazines.
The Spirit of the Union came to life as young and old, men and women, Emirati and expats alike were patriotically dressed in the nation s colours creating a sea of red, white, black and green across the stadium.
Alexander will say: "In the years ahead, Scottish Labour must dispel the myth that if you feel proudly and patriotically Scottish and are ambitious for Scotland and its potential, you inevitably support the SNP.
Our security forces are now able to hold the responsibility, preserve the security and to act professionally and patriotically," Maliki said.
And, should the Japanese government issue 'reconstruction bonds' - the equivalent of the UK's War Loan - savings may be diverted patriotically to the needs of the nation and not to commercial needs.
Obama complimented the Egyptian military, which now runs the government, for having "served patriotically and responsibly as a caretaker to the state and will now have to ensure a transition that is credible in the eyes of the Egyptian people.
The president said the Egyptian military had served patriotically and responsibly and must now lay out a clear path toward fair elections.