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From its deck keen eyes watched the far-fanning searchlight of the patrol boat.
A sudden draft must have closed the door, or perhaps it was the duty of the patrol to see to such things.
To protect the fish from this motley floating population many wise laws have been passed, and there is a fish patrol to see that these laws are enforced.
Fitzsimmons, with whom I had sailed on the Fish Patrol, had been stabbed in the lung through the back and had died a lingering death complicated with tuberculosis.
Our ships of peace patrol thirty and one hundred seventy-five.
Joseph Donahue, assigned only last night to special patrol duty in the Eleventh Ward, at midnight was shot through the brain and instantly killed.
While down Pine street, gongs clanging, horses at a gallop, came three patrol wagons packed with police.
In France, there is an army of patrols (as they are called) constantly employed to secure their fiscal regulations against the inroads of the dealers in contraband trade.
In encounters with guards and patrols he displayed the keenness of a detective and the valor of a gamin.
The turrets of a convent stood out beyond a wild virgin pine forest, and far away on the other side of the Enns the enemy's horse patrols could be discerned.
Now and then during the night horses had galloped at a smart pace over the Buytenhof, the heavy tramp of the patrols had resounded from the pavement, and the slow matches of the arquebuses, flaring in the east wind, had thrown up at intervals a sudden glare as far as to the panes of his window.
But there were many police and watchmen in evidence, and now and again automobile patrols of the Mercenaries slipped swiftly past.