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Patrolman Wilson handcuffed the suspect and immediately began treating the victim, who had been stabbed several times prior to the officers' arrival.
A CORN snake was coaxed from behind a car dashboard in the West Midlands by an intrepid patrolman using a hairdryer.
13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Governor Tom Corbett today ordered all Pennsylvania flags at the Capitol Complex and at commonwealth facilities in Westmoreland County lowered to half-staff in honor of Lower Burrell Police Patrolman Derek Kotecki.
Smith & Wesson gave us the 1950 and 1955 Target Models, the Highway Patrolman, the Combat Magnum, and the .
A car rescue patrolman helped the owner free the vehicle in York after it had been trapped for nearly four hours.
He called the AA and the patrolman towed him to a point where an AA lorry would pick him up and transport him to Swansea.
11, 1965 as California Highway Patrolman Lee Minikus rode his motorcycle along 122nd Street.
Gary, who has been a patrolman for 12 years, said: "The car coped perfectly, which was a total surprise.
AA Patrolman of the Year Colin Hunter said: ``We see these faults come up year after year and they tend to highlight the importance of regular car maintenance.
While on routine patrol, Sergeant Michael Devlin and Patrolman Perry Parks of the Medford Township, New Jersey, Police Division were dispatched to an apartment fire.