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PATRON, eccl. law. He who has the disposition and gift of an ecclesiastical benefice. In the Roman law it signified the former master of a freedman. Dig. 2, 4, 8, 1.

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Na segunda questao do questionario, fatores de mercado, variavel b "Mercado potencial dominado pelas empresas estabelecidas", do modelo patronal, observa-se que os dados estao dispersos, apresentando variacao entre 51,64% a 69,28%, e que as respostas se concentraram nas categorias "nao existe parcialmente / nao existe totalmente.
In accordance with Baroque piety, the local elite turned its attention to festive patronal charity and devotional consumption, while authorities at the same time reduced expenses for charitable activities.
It is not "the rich" per se that are critiqued in these volumes but rather the abuses inherent in the ancient patronal system as well as the values into which both patrons and clients are socialized.
His visit is at the invitation of the Archbishop of Liverpool, and is timed to coincide with the Feast of Christ the King, the Patronal Feast of the Metropolitan Cathedral, on Sunday.