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As an internationally active company with employees from over 140 countries and a strong attachment to the Bavarian capital city of Munich and to our southern hub, it is our special concern to help in this area, said Vivian Spohr, Patroness of Help Alliance.
Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of all of America and of the Philippines as well.
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His business, he insists, is named after Isis, an ancient Egyptian deity worshipped as the ideal mother and wife and the patroness of nature and magic besides being also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children.
Take a look at these facts you may not already know about the most romantic day on the Welsh calendar, revealed by Cadw's history experts, 1 BESIDES from being the Welsh patron saint of lovers, Santes Dwynwen is also considered the patroness of farmers' beasts.
Juan Issamen-di of Our Lady of Caacupe Parish, named for the patroness of Paraguay.
The Photo of the Year shows the face of the Syrian civil war - the face of an injured and severely traumatized child", said Daniela Schadt, patroness of UNICEF Germany.
The deciding factor was that Te Kaunihera is an autonomous, independent body of Maori nurses, founded by Puti Puti O'Brien, who is now our patroness.
Last year, 10 million pilgrims visited Our Lady of Aparecida, which was proclaimed Brazil's patroness in 1930 and is celebrated on October 12.
Empathising with his scandalised patroness, the MB's General Guide Mohamed Badie exhorted the Islamists to fight a war of life or death against the Egyptian people.
Eloise Irving looks ravishing as an Italian princess, Zipoli's patroness and possibly unrequited love-object, and her vibrant lyric soprano suited Zipoli's Kyrie delivered as a white-robed and disturbingly erotic Virgin Mary.
The markings on his coffee cup bear a striking resemblance to the image of the Virgen del Carmen - the patroness of the Carmelite order of priests and a common invocation of the Virgin Mary.