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Eagle said: "I've been patronised by better people than the Prime Minister.
Talking to a delegation which met him at his residence here Sunday, he said officials who had patronised land mafias would be sacked, adding that a report had also been compiled on plazas and buildings constructed in violation of by-laws in big cities.
Southern Police Director-General patronised the course which is part of the training plans to improve the skills of employees and disseminate and protect the culture of human rights.
Manama, March 19 (BNA)-- His Royal Highness the Crown Prince's son Shaikh Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa patronised today a ceremony held by the Education Ministry to lay the foundation stone of an intermediate boys school in Hamad Town.
Davies and co actually believe the only televisual point of regional cities is to be patronised with the odd reality show, despite 80% of licence-fee payers living outside London.