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And using patronising language such as 'how are we today dear?
Cutting the NHS, police, welfare safety net - while patronising hard-working people with a bit of bingo and beer.
STEVE BRUCE accused Karren Brady of patronising him with "nicey-nicey" comments after helping to "shaft" him at Birmingham.
IN the swirling smokescreen of words over Health Secretary John Reid's assertion that cigarettes are one of the few pleasures left to the poor, everyone is accusing everyone else of being patronising.
From Back Page patronising for us to give sympathy and I don't want to patronise anyone.
Ruth weathers Nicky's patronising with great humour - but then so might you if you were also getting a boob lift, new teeth and your varicose veins sorted (don't look
He blurted out the patronising phrase as he was heckled on NHS waiting lists.
HEALTH Secretary John Reid believes it's patronising to encourage single mums on council estates to give up smoking.
Never have I witnessed such a patronising performance from someone who claims to stand for fairness and justice.
Dr Reid accused people who encouraged the poor to quit of being patronising.
Almost three times as many viewers protested about the man patronising women than moaned about the woman patronising men, TV watchdogs said yesterday.