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And using patronising language such as 'how are we today dear?
Long before my time in the House of Commons, Jim Callaghan used to put Margaret Thatcher gently but firmly in her place between 1976 and 1979, without ever being accused of patronising her as a woman politician.
Nothing was more downmarket, patronising or moronic.
It may be here where the patronising of the working classes is deepest.
Cutting the NHS, police, welfare safety net - while patronising hard-working people with a bit of bingo and beer.
Birmingham council's chief executive has promised immediate action after four women councillors complained that some council reports were patronising.
SPARE me the patronising sympathy for the "young" Falkirk players who threw away a three-goal lead against Hibs.
HOW patronising is it to call every good looking mixed-race male MP "the British Obama"?
On their part, MBS organisers expressed their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to HRH Princess Sabeeka for patronising the event for the second consecutive year and keen interest to support it.
How damn patronising to treat women like they're a special case.
From Back Page patronising for us to give sympathy and I don't want to patronise anyone.
STEVE BRUCE accused Karren Brady of patronising him with "nicey-nicey" comments after helping to "shaft" him at Birmingham.