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The major contribution of this study is the identification of key store atmospheric factors influencing consumer's evaluation of a retail store for patronization.
The active patronization by the Obama Administration of homosexuality is another blatant and bizarre example of how a government can be seduced into promoting evil in the name of the common good.
According to Head of Mechatronics Engineering Department, Dr Javaid Iqbal, holding a seminars, expos and competitions on robotics in colleges and universities on regular basis would ensure shining the young talent who need professional guidance and patronization.
There is so much patronization of patients," McCollister-Slipp said.
But as the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, manufacturing activity will rebound and patronization rates of commercial establishments will increase--boosting demand for products used to clean restaurants, hotels, and other commercial facilities.
Contrary to some views, admitting that the modern Western state is not a feasible model for Yemen is not an attitude that smacks of patronization.
The statement is almost always printed with quote marks, which implies a certain amount of patronization.
It is learnt that his patronization allowed S&S to occupy the park's land at will thus constructing huge commercial ventures including a bowling club and a multi-national food chain restaurant.
Farmer co-ops have evolved, along with the farmer-members who own and govern them, and who accrue benefits based on their patronization of co-ops.
Abdullah Bin Abdul Rahman Al Hossein said that patronization of this conference by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques re- flects the care and attention of the leader- ship given to the water sector to provide citizens high quality water in sufficient quantities.
The event carries a handsome prize money of US$10,000 and staged under the directives and patronization of President of Pakistan with support from Pakistan Sports Board.
Many friends who have recently taken off the veil have cited "conversations," where they were subject to irrational judgment and patronization, as a reason for why they don't want to discuss their decisions anymore.