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In their enthusiasm to challenge the patronization of the local Muslims, displaced women and men seem to be integrating more strongly into the hegemony of the state.
Many friends who have recently taken off the veil have cited "conversations," where they were subject to irrational judgment and patronization, as a reason for why they don't want to discuss their decisions anymore.
This leads to other considerations about symbolic remnants of colonial patronization.
patronization of worthless writers, hybridization, and debasement of literary forms" (Professional Imaginative Writing in England: Hackney for Bread [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997], 10).
It was a line written by Seth Meyers, SNL's head writer, but it was Fey's delivery of Palin's homespun patronization of gay people that had the whole world laughing at intolerance.
This argument smacks of patronization and betrays a colonial attitude that we thought -- hoped
58) The purpose of this legislation is to deter human trafficking and to punish those who engage in human trafficking, the promotion of sex tourism, and the patronization of trafficking victims for prostitution.
In 1884, following more than 4 decades of episcopal concern with the anti-Catholicism all too prevalent in the nation's common schools, the American hierarchy issued a statement in the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore on behalf of the erection, support, and patronization of Catholic parish schools.
That patronization sustained apartheid: its foundational basis was discrimination based on colour and decisions taken on behalf of the majority of the people of the country as 'big brother felt it was good for them'.
Applications of rationality and logic, verbal proficiency, emotional control, calculation, and patronization tend to be the common tools of their trade.
Businesses with an environmental agenda deserve your patronization.
All Pradhans existed in the position due to their patronization of national level political leaders (ibid: 73).