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In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the MWM Sindh General Secretary Allama Mukhtar Ahmed Imami said the PPP's ministers were patronizing terrorists of Islamic States and other proscribed organizations in Sindh.
Otherwise, the establishment can charge the consumer with high parking fees considering that he simply used the parking space without patronizing the establishment," Rodriguez said.
I've decided to use your magazine to follow one of your wealth building principles: patronizing black-owned businesses.
What's left is a neighborhood council in name only, one not even worthy of the patronizing ``advisory'' title because it doesn't even pretend to advise.
That patronizing attitude simply shows me that the real disability is narrow-mindedness--and it is spelled fear
In September of this year ex-gay spokesman John Paulk was caught patronizing a Washington, D.
Workers are issuing a citizens' appeal to Pepsi's chief, Wayne Callaway, and supporters of the campaign are pledging to stop purchasing Pepsi products and patronizing the Pepsi-owned restaurants Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut.
Fashion's affair with the living substance of aura, seediness, and mortality was unbearable, obscene; like the maternal body, it was an impossible pleasure quickly repressed by a strict grunge etiquette of thinness, taste, and the patronizing attitude exercised toward teens.
Local 243 launched its boycott this past Labor Day and was quickly joined by the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO who urged its 400,000 members to take a stand for justice by not patronizing Highland until Local 243's dispute was resolved.
Nearly three out of four premium item users say they are likely to visit a chain they are not now patronizing if that chain were to add premium items to their menu.
Eritrean communities in Sudan have contributed over USD 10 thousand to the Martyrs Trust Fund, and asserted readiness to sustain patronizing families of fallen heroes.
Ali Bin Abdulkhaliq Al-Qarni has expressed his thanks to Madinah Governor for patronizing this forum, which is the first of its kind in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States.