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Twenty-one of the foreigners have been accused of maintaining a drug den and the rest of patronizing it, said Senior Insp.
In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the MWM Sindh General Secretary Allama Mukhtar Ahmed Imami said the PPP's ministers were patronizing terrorists of Islamic States and other proscribed organizations in Sindh.
Otherwise, the establishment can charge the consumer with high parking fees considering that he simply used the parking space without patronizing the establishment," Rodriguez said.
Citizens can send letters and petitions pledging to stop patronizing Pepsi to: Wayne Callaway, CEO, Pepsico, Inc.
Meanwhile, Eritrean nationals in Cincinnati, USA, said that patronizing martyrs families is the responsibility of all citizens, and expressed readiness to back the families of fallen heroes, as well as to make higher contribution to the Trust Fund.
By patronizing Prestige, we support a company, "which can provide jobs and opportunities to the rest of our community.
Whether Carl Van Vechten, a major patron of the Harlem Renaissance, was also patronizing is not at issue in this coffee-table book of his photographic portraits of the African-American cultural elite.
The Director General of Civil Defense, Lieutenant General Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Amr, has expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Crown Prince for patronizing the ceremony which will give a great incentive for the Civil Defense to exert more efforts to achieve the leadership's aspirations.
On this occasion, the Chairman of Board of Directors of General Authority for Sports Mohammed bin Abdulmalik Al Al-Sheikh expressed his thanks and appreciation to the King for patronizing the match which embodies the leadership's continuing support for athletes in the Kingdom.
The Chairman of the College's Board of Trustees Engineer Sobhi Abdul Jalil Baterjee expressed in his speech his thanks and appreciation to the Prince for patronizing the ceremony which embodies the attention paid by the leadership to the march of education.