pattern bargaining

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As intensified competitive pressures weakened centralized bargaining structures and disrupted pattern bargaining, the ability of unions to take wages out of competition became more difficult (Chaykowski, 2009).
These schedules often are very similar across all districts within a state, owing to pattern bargaining facilitated by the state's teachers' union.
The capacity of unions to coordinate across an industry, or sector, was further constrained by laws limiting pattern bargaining (Thornthwaite and Sheldon, 2012).
Industry-wide pattern bargaining is permitted, though not mandated.
This means that any deal struck with GM will act as a template for talks with the other two automakers, Ford and Fiat Chrysler a process called "pattern bargaining."
As part of its so-called pattern bargaining strategy with the Big Three automakers, the union is soon expected to reach similar labor-friendly agreements at General Motors and Ford.
In the 1930s, in the midst of the Great Depression and unemployment rates over 20 percent, workers "invented" an industrial unionism that overcame divisions between skilled and unskilled workers, introduced the tactic of sit-down strikes, initiated there own democratic structures via elected stewards and generated industry-wide pattern bargaining. Those breakthroughs were largely responsible for later bringing us many of our social services and benefits and, in the 1960s, the breakthroughs of organizing in the public sector by workers tired of government paternalism.
Such pattern bargaining has kept wages and benefits close to parity among the three carmakers, Shaiken said.
This commitment will be assessed by reference to a detailed discussion of multi-enterprise bargaining and the failure of the legislation to extend protection to industrial action taken in support of pattern bargaining and multi-enterprise agreements.
"Multiform Unions and the Incentive to Adopt Pattern Bargaining in Oligopoly".
But our pensions, our standard of living and our pattern bargaining systems will be intact."
Whether or not the unions will target AbitibiBowater for the pattern bargaining agreement this year remains to be seen but appears unlikely considering the company's financial situation.