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The MTX-R's powerful pattern generator, dual level compare and flexible timing system allow manufacturers to use the system to test most memory devices currently in production, including SRAM, SDRAM, RDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and DRAM.
And, especially for mixed signal devices, it is no longer necessary to use a function or arbitrary waveform generator and a pattern generator.
According to Glenn Farris, High Speed Memory Marketing Manager at Teradyne, "ARIES unique FlexSystem(TM) Architecture, which integrates a complex logic pattern generator and flexible hardware based memory pattern generator, makes the difference by providing low test time overhead, high accuracy, and the flexibility to generate interface speed patterns for DDR or Rambus type devices.
0 test solution for transmitter and receiver test, comprised of a DSA91304A Infiniium oscilloscope, a pattern checker and pattern generator based on the J-BERT N4903A/B high-performance serial BERT, an N5181A MXG RF analog signal generator, 81150A pulse function arbitrary noise generator and the N5990A test automation software platform.
ARIES hardware Algorithmic Memory pattern generator, with Rambus Pattern Protocol software, tests each memory array with topologically correct data.
Using the PGM117 10GE pattern generator with differential outputs, module and system vendors can easily measure WDP, RN, and the effects of channel crosstalk.
The highly compatible systems share identical test fixtures and docking interfaces, and a full complement of options, including Scan Pattern Generator, Algorithmic Pattern Generator, High Speed Clock, High Speed Pattern Server and Mixed-Signal.
1 Gb/s pattern generator is a 2-slot module capable of generating multiple patterns.
FlexSystem combines the power of the J973 Pattern Integrator Architecture with the flexibility of the algorithmic pattern generator used in the ARIES High-Speed Memory Test System.
The HD2SD features a safe action and safe title graticule generator, a test pattern generator and has oversampling of 16 x for SD.