pattern of words

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For instance, in detailing an entire pattern of words spoken and actions taken to adopt what Alejano called 'a state policy of inducing policemen, other law enforcement officials, and/or members of vigilant groups into .
The work 'Word Map', that depicts Muslim countries of the world in green, contains a text-based pattern of words that were picked up from local and international broadcasts to reference the role of the media in international conflicts and polarization of communities.
Some e-mailers cause even more confusion by employing a Haiku-esque pattern of words that need to be read three times with imaginary commas and periods placed in appropriate places to understand what it's all about.
But no language is perfect, no vocabulary is adequate to the wealth of the given universe, no pattern of words and sentences, however rich, however subtle, can do justice to the interconnected gestalts with which experience presents us.
For instance, a newly available lexicon for healthcare organizations needing to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act will scan messages at the gateway searching for a pattern of words and phrases.
A language is a pattern of words and of rules governing the use of those words, spoken or written, that is mutually understandable by a group of people and not understandable by persons outside that group.
We can feel this order; we can divine its existence because of the interconnected phonological pattern of words, the structure of sounds.

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