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says Richard, sitting down again with an impatient laugh and beating the devil's tattoo with his boot on the patternless carpet.
Its movables were ugly old chairs with worn-out seats, and ugly old chairs without any seats; a threadbare patternless carpet, a maimed table, a crippled wardrobe, a lean set of fire-irons like the skeleton of a set deceased, a washing-stand that looked as if it had stood for ages in a hail of dirty soapsuds, and a bedstead with four bare atomies of posts, each terminating in a spike, as if for the dismal accommodation of lodgers who might prefer to impale themselves.
Tenders are invited for Patternless Optical Lens Edging System.
Microscopically, SFT is characterized by long spindle cell proliferation showing a patternless architecture with a combination of alternating hypocellular and hypercellular areas separated from each other by thick bands of hyalinized, somewhat keloidal collagen and branching hemangiopericytoma-like vessels.
2009), but we have seen no patternless Indiana specimens.
Key assets featured in the online auction include more than 20,000 designer frames, and significant optical and ophthalmic equipment such as visual field perimeters, refractor keratometers, auto lensometers, patternless edgers, stereofundus/mydratic cameras, and lasers manufactured by such well-known companies as Gerber, Humphrey Zeiss, Topcon, Santinelli, and Lumenis.
In a basic shirt and shorts, the legend proves less is more in a simple, patternless palette.
The six- and eight-lined stanzas have a patternless yet noticeable rhyme scheme, in which Montague easily plays French against English, his own words against Rimbaud's, indicating that though, "I did not yet know [the trains] were ferrying / my own future towards and away from me," the future come to fruition would be a balancing of speech and silence, as well as of multiple languages and homes.
4) Solitary fibrous tumors are characterized by bland spindle cells with varying cellularity and a patternless architecture.
Indeed, the coherence reading of Jones has too simplistically handled that accommodation of war to poetic meaning and religious redemption, as though poetic order could pattern a patternless war, and religious symbol granted clear meaning.
It was frantic, patternless rugby from both teams, but Leota's 78th-minute effort when Halfpenny slipped in defence sealed the deal and left Wales' autumn campaign in tatters.