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All we can do is muddle through, on this view, seeking patternless solutions to particular, ground-level disputes."); see also STEVEN D.
This study focused on the odd gene's relationship to blizzard and patternless snow morphs, two color morphs that make the individual appear all white with little to no pattern.
The tumour has the histopathological characteristics of a patternless pattern, a slight pleomorphism, and a composition of hypercellular and hypocellular sites.
Histopathological diagnosis is very interesting and stepwise, based on exclusion criteria and on a characteristic "patternless pattern" of the spindle cells.
The cells may present in cords and single cells, small nests, solid sheet-like and diffuse discohesive patternless arrangements [7].
Kucharcikova, "The production of plaster molds with patternless process technology," Archives of Foundry Engineering, vol.
Ditch the complicated patterns and sew from simple shapes with Patternless Sewing MODstyle.
The radial tires tested had a patternless tread and deposited tire marks that contained striations that were angled away from the tire mark direction.
Among three atypical cases of meningioma, mitosis, hypercellularity and patternless growth, macronucleoli, high N/C ratio, and necrosis in various amount are seen.
The tumor consisted of irregularly dispersed cells in a so-called patternless. The cells were rounded and spindle-shaped with little pleomorphism and few vesicular nuclei and were intermingled with thick collagen fiber bundles.
Therefore, the posture and position of the AR camera estimated by the Polaris Vicra are considered as the comparative reference to evaluate the accuracy of the proposed patternless AR system.