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patulus maintained their germinability after 3 years of burial.
Muller, 1773 - + + Platyias quadricornis (Ehreberg, 1832) - + - Plationus patulus O.
lenzi, and Tropocyclops prasinus were dominant in eutrophic reservoir, in contrast of Kellicotia bostoniensis, Keratella americana, Plationus patulus, Thermocyclops decipiens, T.
quadridentatus Hermann,1783 Keratella americana P Carlin, 1943 Keratella cochlearis P (Gosse, 1851) Keratella lenzi Hauer, P 1953 Keratella tropica# (Apstein, P 1907) Plationus patulus "f".
Entre los rotiferos se reportan estudios sobre los aspectos reproductivos de Brachionus patulus (47), tecnicas para su cultivo (48) y uso como presa viva en larvicultura de peces (18).
This is the case of Trollius patulus and Caltha scaposa whose popular names at Litang are respectively ser chen me tog and ser chung me tog whereas their designations among traditional doctors are respectively bong nga ser po and rta mig.
Demographic parameters of Brachionus patulus Muller (Rotifera) exposed to sublethal DDT concentrations at low and high food levels, Hydrobiologia 139:193-200.
Platyias patulus (Muller, 1786) Polyarthra remata (Skorikov, 1896) Trichocerca sp.