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The governor however expressed optimism that the alternative sources of income being sourced by his government would address the challenge of paucity of funds facing government.
The project is aimed to build a check dam which will accumulate flood water and will fulfill the paucity of underground water.
He felt sorry that most indigenous companies have not been given the advantage they deserve to operate in the sector due to paucity of fund, and praised the Board for unveiling the NCI Fund.
Many research scientists have cited the paucity of research labs and budgets as a reason for leaving Iran.
We're told Cameron's tardiness in ditching Miller springs from his Cabinet's paucity of women.
Very apt when you consider the paucity of support for the theory in terms of evidence.
Combining hyperconventional subjects with his mix-and-match approach to genre, James foregrounds the apparent paucity of meaning in contemporary painting.
The report said orphan drug dossiers were often flawed in design and documentation and also blamed "the paucity of European incentives" for manufacturers.
But with its still torpid Nicolas Nabokov music, its murky story line, and paucity of choreographic invention, it remains, despite the occasional glint of genius, a work brought back more dead than alive.
Given the paucity of research on all aspects of inhalant abuse, this announcement is designed to encourage broad-based research that has the potential for informing prevention and treatment interventions for inhalant abuse, particularly for children and adolescents.
It was a classic response that painfully contrasted with the relative paucity of adequate and sustained efforts to help people who live in extreme poverty in other countries.