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Palestinians will remain outside the rights framework of Lebanese law while being pauperized by the very reconstruction program supposedly aimed at alleviating their economic hardship.
These were the pauperized "other" of the Anglican Churches--one that relentlessly studs discussions of charitable practices in the Booth interviews.
Patients would not be pauperized by large bills and doctors wouldn't be enslaved.
Between 1990-1999, GDP in Russia fell by 54 percent, much of the population was essentially pauperized whilst the oligarchy prospered.
Wife and husband team Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo were widely translated from their native Swedish in a series of police procedurals, whose intention was (said Sjowall) "to use the crime novel as a scalpel cutting open the belly of the ideological pauperized and morally debatable so-called welfare state of the bourgeois type.
And if feminist movements have without doubt achieved important advances in the realm of ideas and behavior, the beneficiaries of these gains are almost exclusively middle-class women, certainly not those of the pauperized popular classes.
It's a marriage-breaker, embittering the kids; and there is wastage--peacemakers such as Rabin, Gandhi, and King killed, and lesser, luckier people vilified, pauperized, with ulcers and palpitations.
The 599 Chinese who landed illegally on the west coast in 1999 were seen as a threat to Canada's security because the migrants were pauperized and because more were suspected to follow.
It has already become clear how disastrous the consequences are for the majority of people, particularly in pauperized countries, when water supplies are privatized: i.
The transfer of income from the low- and middle-income groups" created a new stratum of pauperized, formerly middle- and working-class families.
52] Commissioners also believed that outdoor relief in London undercut the wages of needleworkers, and that supplementing wages in agricultural districts pauperized female farmworkers.
Those who feel that their authority is being shaken beat up men, destroy their properties and also rape women to reassert themselves, because "women are seen as the only property that the pauperized men still possess.