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The gruff voice was gruffer than ever, as the old gentleman said abruptly, after the dreadful pause, "So you're not afraid of me, hey?
Between the ages of seven months and eight months those children were changed in the cradle"--he made one of this effect- collecting pauses, and added--"and the person who did it is in this house
There was a pause, then a cry of surprise, and then a voice shouting from the house, "Bill's dead.
The doubt that gave her momentary pause was caused by fear of the unseen hunters more than by fear of Numa.
Was it not Fate, that, on this July midnight- Was it not Fate, (whose name is also Sorrow,) That bade me pause before that garden-gate, To breathe the incense of those slumbering roses?
It might have fallen off into the snow," Mattie continued, after a pause during which they had stood intently listening.
The dull old letters, which would have turned the heads of the most sober of collectors, were laid upon a table, and, after a moment's pause, Cassandra, looking grave all of a sudden, asked Katharine where she should find the "History of England" by Lord Macaulay.
Lydgate," the banker observed, after a brief pause.
In an emergency," he announced, "it is always a good thing to pause and reflect.
I saw she was giddy and vain--and now,' he added, after a pause, 'I can well believe she was artful too; but so excessively so as to assume an aspect of extreme simplicity and unguarded openness.
And now," he went on, not permitting the pause to grow awkward, "we-all might as well have an accounting.
You give 'm me ten stick tobacco," he added after due pause to let the information sink in.