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Many of our members regard it as grotesque that the NMC should even consider such a hike and Unite is calling on the NMC to press the pause button on this.
EASTENDERS (8pm BBC1) JAKE'S home from prison today and with the Lucy Beale investigation back to square one, it's a perfect excuse for Denise to suggest that she and Ian hit the pause button on their wedding plans.
stocks closed lower Tuesday as investors hit the pause button a day after the S&P 500 closed at yet another record high.
It's a tough thing to remember though; you know pushing the pause button even for a second as life can run at a million miles per hour, especially in the run up to Christmas.
According to newsmax, Hayden told Fox News Sunday that the Iranians are far too close to a nuclear weapon, adding that the leaders have just hit the pause button.
senators, including Oregon Democrats Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, wants to hit the pause button.
I'd swap my collection of costume jewellery for a pause button that allows me to operate the family taxi, cook, clean, watch a film with the kids and have a catch up with my chums, before penning a few chapters of my books.
The space appeared suspended, as if someone had pressed a pause button, thus freezing all guests in time, making the spectator the only one who could move freely around the space while examining the seemingly invisible features of the social setting.
I would say that they have pressed the pause button and are waiting for India to get back on its knees.
Rufus Hound once poked fun at him for making a career out of remembering stuff, but for anyone who recalls Sunday nights before school, having their hair washed in Vosene; watching Hart to Hart, and hovering their fingers over the pause button as they taped the Radio 1 Top 40, fair play to him as he captured a brief moment in time like a fly in amber, and turned it into comedy gold.
The dog days of summer are a suitable time for legal marketing pros to hit the pause button and reflect on how to reboot, refresh and recharge.
Even young readers like to be given a breathing space when they can press the pause button and reflect before re-immersing themselves in the undoubtedly authentic alternative future Reeve offers.