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The daily pauses began on Tuesday, but so far, no humanitarian aid has gone in - and no civilians have left.
Approximately 62 h of video (mostly under tow) were captured including 26 paused retrievals and two without pauses (some video or partial video, including pauses was lost to various technical problems).
While both methods have produced enlightening results for the comprehension of writing and think-aloud protocols have, in particular, advanced the knowledge of how pauses are filled qualitatively, these methods are limited to case studies due to practical reasons.
Lots of breathing pauses at night is called obstructive sleep apnoea or OSA.
Called Scheduled Pause, users will be able to temporarily sever internet access at certain times of the day.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 6, 2017-Novartis' Cosentyx sees strong results in skin clearance following treatment pause
The experience of previous humanitarian pauses showed that assurances of UN representatives about 'preliminary' agreements with militants in Aleppo are just words," he added.
Smart people can overthink things like pauses and meditation, and that overthinking can make it harder for them to reap the benefits of the stillness.
Let's look at how the pause relates to the tension principle in delivering your humor.
It should be noted, however, that although pauses can indicate cognitive processing, they can be influenced by a number of other factors, and with current data collection methodologies it is virtually impossible to identify the specific motivation of a particular pause (O' Brien, 2006, p.
This is testified to in the Finnish corpus as well: slightly more than a third of the transitional pauses were less than 200 ms in duration (cf.
Findings of this research suggest that overall pauses in preceding position were measured to be considerably longer than in following position, and grammar/lexical categorization did not have a significant effect on pause length, while calculations made in terms of phonological analysis yielded rather intriguing results in that in places where there was linking between the last sound of the preceding word and the beginning sound of the preposition and no linking in the following position, pauses measured with no statistically significant differences, whereas in all other linking situations, differences were in line with the total pause length in both positions.