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A broad ray of light fell into the garret, and showed the workman with an unfinished shoe upon his lap, pausing in his labour.
So he sat, with a steadfastly vacant gaze, pausing in his work.
Dick, after checking himself, and pausing a long time, 'there'll be a pretty kettle of fish
She walked out of the kitchen ahead of them and pausing in the hall raised the lamp at arm's-length, as if to light them up the stairs.
She lost herself sometimes in such deep reverie that Cassandra, pausing, could look at her for moments unperceived.
But you won't find him," said Mary, pausing with a match in her hand.
Scarce pausing for a backward glance, Taglat abandoned the unconscious woman and fled in the opposite direction from the horrid sound which had broken in so unexpected and terrifying a manner upon his startled ears; but the warning had come too late to save him, and the lion, in his second bound, alighted full upon the broad shoulders of the anthropoid.
But he was too feeble, panting and wheezing continually from the exertion and pausing to rest off strokes between strokes.
About Anna," Stepan Arkadyevitch said, pausing for a brief space, and shaking off the unpleasant impression.
Eye tracking as a data collection method in cognitive translation research has opened a new window into the translation process and a translator's pausing pattern.
The key to making impulsivity work for you--instead of against you--is to train your brain by practicing pausing.
In this paper, we apply Benus's analysis to the Finnish Dialogue Corpus (Lennes, Anttila 2002; Lennes 2009) and also consider integrating the Wilson & Wilson model into our own speech timing model, which has hitherto lacked an explicit mechanism for dealing with pausing behavior.