pave the way

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Or is it possible his death might pave the way for even swifter change?
As scientists unravel the chemistry and physics of cements and pave the way for inventing new materials, they must find ways to inject their new ideas into the conventional concrete industry.
This information will help pave the way to personalized medicine by correlating genetic variation and gene function with particular disease states, enhancing drug discovery, allowing diseases to be detected earlier and more specifically, and permitting better choices of drugs for individual patients.
This grant signals good news for Lumidigm as they pave the way for other small businesses in New Mexico," Senator Pete Domenici, (R- NM), said.
This team will pave the way for aligning IT with business initiatives," said Michael Turner, executive vice president of NetQoS.
Can cell phones that download music video clips with high quality sound effects, handset recording and storage, really pave the way for a completely new mass media?
Addressing a conference here devoted to radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for retailing, security and other applications, a 3M scientist today presented a paper unveiling the company's progress in creating organic semiconductor chips that could pave the way for mass production of low-cost RFID tags.
By building stronger client services that drive sales, improved media and analyst relations programs that influence the market, and strategic initiatives that differentiate clients from their competitors, Marenghi will pave the way for its clients to increase revenues in 2004.