paved road

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Again I understand it all!" Anna said to herself, as soon as the carriage had started and swaying lightly, rumbled over the tiny cobbles of the paved road, and again one impression followed rapidly upon another.
The wind was chilly and the jetty was deserted, as he approached it; but he had no sooner landed than he heard a noise of horses galloping upon the paved road.
When the sun had raised his full disc above the flat line of the horizon, and was striking fire out of the long muddy vista of paved road with its weary avenue of little trees, a black speck moved along the road and splashed among the flaming pools of rain-water, which black speck was John Baptist Cavalletto running away from his patron.
The sheep and lambs are bleating in the fields away behind me, and there is a clatter of donkeys' hoofs up the paved road below.
Was it possible, in that dreadful weather, that she had actually heard the sound of carriage wheels on the strip of paved road outside the inn?
Six, seven, eight Storey high, were the houses; storey piled upon storey, as children build with cards--throwing their dark shadows over the roughly paved road, and making the dark night darker.
This subject of conversation was an additional reason for not being loud, since Satchell himself might presently be walking up the paved road to the church door.
He assured that construction of the Dumanay bridge will be fast tracked now that travel of equipment and transport of supplies and materials to project site is easier with the paved road.
Mr Dibeela noted that the additional streets lights would cover Sepojane paved roads, Roads Central Depot to Mokgadi primary school, Prisons to Police Staff houses, A2 road to Mmathethe cattle grid, Kgwatlheng junction to Kgwakgwe and Mmamokhasi paved road, among others.
The total length of Egypt's paved road network increased to 179,900 km in 2017/18, compared to 176,900 km in 2016/17, an increase of 3,000 km (1.7%), according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics' (CAPMAS) inventory bulletin on roads and bridges in 2017/18 issued on Sunday.
Ixtaca is connected by 60 kilometers (km) of paved road to the industrial city of Apizaco, 120 km of paved road to the state capital of Puebla, and 170 km of paved road to Mexico City.
The President particularly acknowledges the significance of the Doe Community and Clara Town road to the residents, describing it as milestone achievement.'I am glad that these two communities are being connected today with a paved road,' he says.'The residents of these two slum communities will no more walk through the mud and swamp again as we were used to doing several years ago,' he continues.