paved way

See: causeway
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Amir Nawab said the present government, a coalition of different political parties and a strong proponent of democratic values has in a short span of time managed to settle many of the thorny issues on basis of consensus that have ultimately paved way for strong democratic culture.
Dr Taquir Ahmad stated, 'The introduction of latest technologies in non-surgical field has paved ways for facial rejuvenation and body reshaping.
Kim Langen, who is a global thought leader, change-maker, and an authoritative voice in higher-education, has paved ways forward for gifted students by challenging them in competitive environment and help bring Pakistani students from the top of their class to the top of the nation.
She added, ASEAN is very important because it has paved ways for the development of this region especially in the economic and peace situation of our country and the realization of the visions of the member countries including that for the people themselves.
He said the teachings of Allama Iqbal paved ways to maintain tolerance, peace and stability in the society.
He definitely paved ways for others and influenced a great deal of people.
The usefulness of their works dawned at us only when they were translated into western languages and paved ways to breathtaking inventions and discoveries.
The technological developments have paved ways for emerging business opportunities for SMEs.
This corruption fuelled insurgency and paved ways for insurgents who are supported by international power players.
It said the system rather paved ways for installation of an army backed regime to take over and rule the country for two years, proclaiming Emergency Rules during 2007-2008, sending Hasina, Zia and many leaders of their parties to jail.
The emerging trends in secure user management, data analytics, mobility, and process management have further paved ways for IT officials to manage their respective infrastructures more effectively," said Charlotte Raina, Director of Products, Intersec.
The emerging trends, as part of analytics and mobility, have further paved ways for the IT officials to manage their respective infrastructure's more effectively.