paved way

See: causeway
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Amir Nawab said the present government, a coalition of different political parties and a strong proponent of democratic values has in a short span of time managed to settle many of the thorny issues on basis of consensus that have ultimately paved way for strong democratic culture.
This corruption fuelled insurgency and paved ways for insurgents who are supported by international power players.
Zahedian said, "The Culture Ministry and national television have paved ways for our artists to present their work, and people who continue to work underground should stop that and conduct their work within the legal framework.
It said the system rather paved ways for installation of an army backed regime to take over and rule the country for two years, proclaiming Emergency Rules during 2007-2008, sending Hasina, Zia and many leaders of their parties to jail.
The emerging trends, as part of analytics and mobility, have further paved ways for the IT officials to manage their respective infrastructure's more effectively.
Roads are in a desperate need of renovation and some blocks are still without proper paved ways.