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Pax will be renamed Impax Investment Management LLC, and will become a division of Impax.
Joe Keefe, Pax's president and chief executive officer will continue to lead Pax, reporting to Ian Simm, Impax's chief executive, and is expected to join the board of Impax Asset Management Ltd, Impax's London-based investment management subsidiary.
Tricia Sullivan, 34, worked for Network, the national Catholic social justice lobbying group, served three years as the director of Pax Christi Metro DC, and is now the secretary of the board of Global Peace Services-USA, a movement to create a professional peace service.
But Pax Christi offers a unique, holistic, Catholic perspective.
She is optimistic about Pax Christi's generational mix.
But while Pax remains the butt of many a joke in TV land, the Peacock partnership has helped keep the Wonder Bread web on the air and even flirting with profitability just three years after launch.
Pax ended the first quarter of 2001 with a positive cash flow and slightly smaller losses vs.
We're just where we wanted to be," says Pax CEO Jeff Sagansky.
One of the most recent initiatives of Pax Christi was a cross-country bus tour that stopped in 35 cities to do public education about the issue of military spending.
Pax Christi has the difficult task of trying to change America's priorities at a time when the nation stubbornly resists any attempts to revisit the annual military budget of some $300 billion.
AIDAAURA (2003) Aida Cruises, Italy, 42,289 grt, 634' x 91', 1,266 pax.
AIDABLU a) Crown Princess b) A'rosa Blu (1990) Astramar, Italy, 70,285 grt, 804' x 102', 1,590 pax.