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Two hundred and fifty years later -- pay attention now -- a mechanic's wages will be -- mind you, this is law, not guesswork; a mechanic's wages will then be TWENTY cents a day
The master that's to pay him the money is the one that's rightly concerned in that matter, ye will notice "
Once more," said Colbert, irritated -- "once more, if you had any sum to pay, would you not pay what you ought?
Fouquet not only pays what he does not owe, but that he does not even take care of vouchers for the sums that he has paid.
Nay," cried the other shrilly, "it is but my fee that thou didst pay me, and thou gettest it not back again.
Thus rode forth good Sir Richard of the Lea to pay his debt to Robin Hood this bright and merry morn.
The farmer followed him with his eyes, and when he saw that he had cleared the wood and was no longer in sight, he turned to his boy Andres, and said, "Come here, my son, I want to pay you what I owe you, as that undoer of wrongs has commanded me.
He would come and demand his hundred francs, and I should have to pay.
Well, he had taken the bait, the newspaper lies about writers and their pay, and he had wasted two years over it.
At a word since I must needs, for once, hold a candle to the devil what ransom am I to pay for walking on Watling-street, without having fifty men at my back?
I do not believe that he intends to pay at all," replied Ginger.
Rich and generous as he knew his mistress to be, her proposal to pay the whole subscription took the steward by surprise.