pay allegiance

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But by then, JaN had left ISIS as Baghdad refused to pay allegiance to al-Qaeda Central (AQC) leader Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri - successor of bin Laden who was killed in Pakistan by US commandoes on May 2, 2011.
Both the Afghan and Pakistani chapters of the Taliban have refused to pay allegiance to the "caliphate" proclaimed in 2014 by the ISIS leader and "caliph" Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.
He said people of all ages from across the country came to pay allegiance to the country's leaders, which is "proof" that Saudis are united in supporting the government.
He pointed out that "If it happens he will announce firm rejection of any participation for those who love us, al-Sadr, "stressing that" the word to swear allegiance forms a clear violation, it is exclusively to the infallible, and one like me does not pay allegiance to one like him.
A local armed group, identifying themselves as the Caliphate Soldiers, claimed for this crime, saying they did that to pay allegiance to IS.
an refuses to pay allegiance to Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS "Caliph of All the Muslims" (see Baghdadi's profile below and news7TurkVsSaudAug18-14).
It demanded that all Muslims pay allegiance to its "Caliph Ibrahim" - reference to an ex-Saddam soldier whose nom de guerre was Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.
It conveyed that the government would be willing to talk to anyone who will lay down arms, and pay allegiance to the constitution of Pakistan.
The Brotherhood movement thought that by dominating Egypt, it could secure similar dominance and spread its influence in other Arab states using a complicated network of followers and so-called charities that pay allegiance to the movement's Supreme Guide.
The House of Representatives urges the Kingdom of Bahrain for the need to enforce the Nationality Law and to withdraw its nationality from anyone who has dual nationality and fails to pay allegiance to this country and that anyone who commits an act of terror against the country and its citizens or destabilizes its public security -- as there are lots of malevolent saboteurs who hold dual nationality and carry out acts of violence, vandalism, terrorism and incitement and ultimately seek refuge in the country of their second/foreign nationality.
Tiw, the old fertility god, is recalled in placenames like Tyseley and Tysoe, while in the Black Country two places (Wednesfield and Wednesbury) still pay allegiance to the god Woden, god of war and chief among the Saxon deities.
Usually, witches were identified with solitary, bad tempered old women living in hovels with nothing but a pet, thought of as a `familiar devil', for company, but there was also a widespread belief in midnight meetings of witches on bare mountains and in old ruins where they would plot the downfall of their neighbours and pay allegiance to their master, the devil.