pay an indemnity

References in classic literature ?
Russia and England between them can pay an indemnity which will make Germany rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
The effect of that is that is that the contractor or the engineer will be liable to pay an indemnity by way of contractual liability towards the employer and it is not open to any third party who has no contractual relationship with either of them to rely on such liability.
Critical illness insurance does pay an indemnity by diagnosis, which the individual could spend in any way he chooses.
Additional risks are posed by the dispute with RUSAL that may oblige MMC to pay an indemnity up to $1 billion or cancel buy-back results, which also poses difficulties.
In some families, the brother would either pay an indemnity to his sister either in cash or pay for her pilgrimage which she accepts as a conciliation for the sake of her brother and family union.
She wanted the motorist also to pay an indemnity amount.
Hatami said, "Not only should the United States apologize to Iran for the violation of international laws, but it should also pay an indemnity for its aggression on the consulate.
By the Treaty of Frankfurt on May 10th, 1871, France lost Alsace (except Belfort) and the German part of Lorraine--including the fortresses of Metz and Strasbourg--and had to pay an indemnity of five billion gold francs.
Meanwhile, the incapable government, afraid of getting into trouble, tried to settle diplomatic rows by consenting to Japanese demands to pay an indemnity for the castaways' decapitation as well as taking punitive action against the natives.
Moreover, there had been controversy surrounding bankers who stood to be enriched by the financial settlement with Haiti (France agreed to recognize the new republic's independence if it would pay an indemnity of 150 million francs; the cash-strapped young country would have to borrow heavily in order to make payments).
In the past most lenders made homebuyers pay an indemnity if they could not put down a 25 per cent deposit.
WE thought we'd budgeted for all the costs of our mortgage, but suddenly our building society is saying we have to pay an Indemnity Guarantee Premium.