pay attention to

References in classic literature ?
I wish you to pay attention to what I am going to say to you.
Rosalind was very reassuring on that point, and then said musingly, as if half to herself, "But that hill is dangerous, you know; and young people would do well to pay attention to the danger-board
But Seryozha, though he heard his tutor's feeble voice, did not pay attention to it.
We had been too absorbed in watching our fate to pay attention to each other.
As he was at last compelled to pay attention to them, his capacity for self-hate was multiplied.
I don't know how you can pay attention to the sermon or the prayers when you have it on.
Pay attention to it, or you will be all abroad, when we get deeper into the story.
I pretended not to pay attention to anything she did, in the hope that little by little she would get accustomed to me, and become more friendly; but I soon saw that my expectations were quite vain.
I am glad to see you pay attention to the usages of the world.
To prompt them must be enough for her; and it was sometimes more than enough; for she could not always pay attention to the book.
Why did he not pay attention to Celia, and leave her to listen to Mr.
Also the union made another great difference with him--it made him begin to pay attention to the country.