pay attention to

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"I wish you to pay attention to what I am going to say to you.
Rosalind was very reassuring on that point, and then said musingly, as if half to herself, "But that hill is dangerous, you know; and young people would do well to pay attention to the danger-board!"
"Take it off yourself." But Seryozha, though he heard his tutor's feeble voice, did not pay attention to it.
"Messieurs," said he, "let no one of you raise his head as he walks, or appear to pay attention to me; continue walking, we are alone, listen to me."
Let master Moor, or whatever he is, pay attention to what he is doing, and I and my master will give him as much grouting ready to his hand, in the way of adventures and accidents of all sorts, as would make up not only one second part, but a hundred.
We had been too absorbed in watching our fate to pay attention to each other.
As he was at last compelled to pay attention to them, his capacity for self-hate was multiplied.
I don't know how you can pay attention to the sermon or the prayers when you have it on.
So, my request to LDA is to kindly pay attention to this matter and make carpeting this road as soon as possible, so that the traffic may move smoothly without any hazard.
He urged the world to pay attention to the RSS and BJP agenda which takes inspiration from Hitler and the ideology of Nazism.
'When I see kids of today, I tell them to pay attention to their books,' she said.
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