pay back

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Malhi, who now lives in Staffordshire, was ordered to pay back the full amount of the equity within three months or go back to prison for five years.
This was granted, meaning Sayers didn't have to pay back the rest of the cash.
Borrowers who fail to pay back on time can be charged a maximum of PS15 plus 0.
This means that even if the lender uses the services of a debt collector you still will never have to pay back more than double what you loaned.
Mills and Joseph Martin, 29, formerly of Wood End, were also ordered to pay back just PS1 each after both were implicated in another robbery of a cash in transit security guard in 2009.
Following Pembrokeshire councillors' request last week that Bryn Parry-Jones should pay back his unlawful pension payments, Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has renewed his call for Mark James to do the same.
In her lawsuit, the woman demanded that he pay back Dhs1 million that she handed over when they were married.
The deal provides Dubai with five more years to pay back the debt at a fixed interest rate of 1 percent.
Malcolm Cook, 66, of Railway Street, Splott, has vowed to pay back the large sum of money he conned from the public purse through a series of false claims.
Installments break payments up and give borrowers more time to pay back loans .
A judge this week ruled the dealers must pay back a combined total of PS78,951.
CRIMINALS who have benefited financially through their offences were collectively ordered to pay back more than PS26m over the last five years, but forked out just PS2.