pay dividends

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What has recently been going on the Macedonian Stock Exchange is a truly pleasant surprise, brokers have told Utrinski vesnik, commenting on the decisions of Macedonian companies and banks to pay dividends, most of which have gone up from last year.
MedicX Fund said that, subject to unforeseen circumstances, its directors expect to pay dividends totalling GBP0.
Michigan-based Dearborn Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: DEAR) has signed an agreement with the Federal Reserve under which the bank will not pay dividends without prior approval by the Fed.
Headed by Yuji Aida, the firm has admitted to having not secured enough heads of cattle to meet its contracts with members these past few years, and the police believe it has been operating on a shoestring using the deposits to pay dividends, they said.
Dividends produce regular income because companies that can afford to pay dividends typically have steadier profits.
301(c)(1) and 316(a)(2), E&P is neither GAAP earnings nor taxable income; it is simply a measure of a corporation's ability to pay dividends from its economic earnings.
Mr Winston says a test case this month could have dire repercussions, particularly for businesses that pay dividends to a director's spouse.
Moreover, companies that pay dividends signal to the market their earnings are real, giving investors a certain amount of comfort in the quality of earnings.
People who buy stocks that don't pay dividends are hoping to make money by selling the stock when its price increases.
These traditional efforts to highlight corporate concerns continually pay dividends.
The CLA can play an effective role in compelling the companies to pay dividends to its shareholders.