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Welcome to the world of executive pay for performance.
Part D doesn't pay for medications outright--it requires even the poorest patients to "share" the expenses.
The argument that excessive pay for bosses impoverishes workers may be conventional wisdom but it doesn't make a decisive case.
Long-term care facilities should start by ensuring that they are not misclassifying "nonexempt" employees as "exempt" to avoid pay for overtime.
For years they have relentlessly fought to expand the frontiers of liability, hunting down the members of every other profession and business and asking them to pay for damages they might have prevented.
As director of one of the first newborn intensive care units (NICU), I urged performance-based pay for nurses.
So it falls to two groups--employers and employees--to pay for them.
Under a grievance settlement agreement, the Cleveland Indians owed eight players back pay for wages due in 1986, and 14 players back pay for wages due in 1987.
Aside from loans and financial aid, there are other ways to pay for college.