pay heed to

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All organizations should pay heed to these trends and the potential for significant improvements in productivity, Return On Assets, employee retention and the environment.
The committee further asked the Secretary Ministry of Water and Power to instruct Chief Engineers of DISCOs to attend the calls from the members and pay heed to them.
However, the judge ignored her pleas after she refused to pay heed to his countless warnings to behave, but allowed her to say her bit before being jailed.
It's a pity he didn't pay heed to the democratic voice of his own people before entering into a disastrous adventure in Iraq.
And just as we have learned our 11th-hour lesson about the need to pay heed to our physical environment, so Blackburn says do we need to do the same for our moral and ethical environment.
JACK McConnell would be well advised to pay heed to the overwhelming result of our telephone poll this morning.
in ``Summer Catch'' this weekend, pay heed to the following disclaimer: Those buns aren't his.
The WGC believes that the government should pay heed to the growing army of opponents to the gold auctions.
Melbourne, July 7 ( ANI ): Drew Barrymore, who is known for her quirky dress sense and sporting hair in a range of wacky colours, has said that she does not pay heed to critics.
A Government spokesman welcomed the ruling, saying: "No doubt broadcasters will pay heed to the implications.
All of these clean plate clubbers, though, should pay heed to AICR experts, who suggest that continuous cleaning off of one's plate may be linked to obesity and obesity-related diseases.
Such extreme handling means there's no need to stick to the confines of a track or pay heed to designated route.