pay honor

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The African Writers' Day is dedicated to pay honor to renowned African authors like late Nigeria's Chinua Achebe and Uganda's Okot p' Bitek, among other celebrated writers.
He said that those societies who respected and honored their teachers were the most developed and successful societies and urged the government that to maintain the same status and respect to the teacher in our society as it was the main responsibility of the government He also demanded of the government to maintain the pension to the retired teachers at their door step and pay honor to them.
At the end of the day you just want to pay honor to the characters and the world that he created," said Wyck.
As we take pause to celebrate Independence Day, we wanted to also pause and pay honor to all those who serve and have served our country while defending our freedoms," said Curtis Haug, Kane County Cougars General Manager.
native, who serves in the 75th Ranger Regiment unit at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, chose to pay honor to his fellow service members.
Medallions inlaid throughout the lobby pay honor to the various trade unions and craftsmen that put their mark on the building, both during its original construction in 1930 and throughout its restoration today.
Historically, we've honored the officers in the community, and this year we felt it was a good idea to pay honor to the commanders in the different areas because seldom times do they get the recognition they deserve for overseeing these programs," Rotary President Sandy Smith said.
Abolishing Social Security and its socialistic partners would not only pay honor to their wisdom, but would also spur an unparalleled era of growth and prosperity for the United States.
As he turned to pay honor to the American flag, he then extended his hand and said, "Bo Jackson, good to meet you.
GOP Devotees Pay Honor to Whittaker Chambers [in the White House].
In what seems almost a Cook's tour of the art of the '60s and '70s, Charles Wiesen deploys an arsenal of familiar strategies in order both to pay honor to Minimalist efforts and to lay bare the movement's limitations.
Fifteen scholars congregate here to pay honor to Charlotte Vaudeville, the scholar most renowned especially for her works pertaining to bhakti literature and practices.