pay little heed to

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His DJ sets, the kinds of which you will get acquainted with on Saturday, are brave and pay little heed to current trends.
Despite an August peace deal, fighting continues, and the conflict now involves multiple militia forces who pay little heed to paper peace deals, driven by local agendas or revenge attacks.
Needless to say, Machen is a supporter of the concept and believes that owners and managers who pay little heed to the nearly universal movement of sustainability do so at their own peril.
They pay little heed to the worsening humanitarian situation and bank on the burgeoning business of arms sales, which generates huge 'blood money'.
However many without a supermarket licence continue to pay little heed to the new rules.
The Jordanian soldiers, he affirmed, pay little heed to bad weather conditions and continue providing services for the refugees, whose number has reached more than 600,000, a large majority of them being women, children and the elderly.
Despite the very high levels of problems in these patients, those involved with their care usually don't ask about sleep problems and often pay little heed to the psychological issues underlying the obesity," said Thomas.
LABOUR leader Ed Miliband appeared to pay little heed to credibility points as he showed off his musical choices on BBC Radio 4s Desert Island Discs yesterday.
They pay little heed to passers-by while gleefully slashing their way through trash bags and leaving the fetid innards strewn across the pavements, roadways and verges.
On one level it might be assumed that the man himself would find this latest spat amusing as he appeared to pay little heed to what the public thought of him.
While the stock market continues to pay little heed to the warnings of collapse resulting from worldwide economic imprudence, public companies continue to reward investors with an upward trend in prices in part due to earnings growth.
Vic Marks/Sydney The parallels with England's tour in India before Christmas is striking: Australia arrive for the first Test, they pay little heed to the local conditions.