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Raven X1400 delivery drone, which is built to fly up to 60km, can provide pay load capacities of up to 25lbs.
Capable of carrying 137 tons of troops and equipment, including as many as six nuclear missiles, the beast had a weapons pay load of a ship and the speed of a plane, according to What On Earth.
Supply of (a) 4 waste compaction trucks of 13 M3 capacity and a year model not less than 2014, also of 50 waste containers for each truck, (b) two articulated loaders on wheels of net pay loads not less than 180 HP at 1800 RPM of a year model not before 2013, and (c) two similar articulated loaders of net pay load not less than 135 HP and year model not before 2013 in three lots.
com)-- IBS Software Services, the leading provider of new generation IT solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries world-wide, has been awarded the prestigious “IT Provider of the Year Award”, instituted by Singapore based Pay Load Asia, one of the most widely read and respected aviation trade journals.
Pay load capacity exceeds 2,500 kg, the vehicle in the standard configuration being able to carry six operators plus the machine gunner.
The Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Secondary Pay load Adapter, also known as an ESPA ring, can give up to six 400-pound secondary satellites a ride into space, or be converted into one free-flying spacecraft, said Joe Maly, ESPA Payload A program manager at Moog.
5 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), with a pay load capacity of 5-6.
The vehicle is equipped with a 414bhp V8 engine and has a pay load of 450kg.
With a maximum striking range of 350 km, Prithvi-II is capable of carrying a pay load of 500 kilograms.
The missile is a two stage solid propellant system with a pay load capability of 1.
However, when carrying a pay load of just 1kg it can deliver impressive cycle times of only 0.
According to Azure Dynamics, Modec, which will include the Manganese Bronze Electric Mercury project team, plans to produce electric and hybrid delivery vehicles with a two-ton pay load, a range of 150 miles and a top speed of 50 miles per hour (mph).