pay out

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Because his claim was lodged before the 2007 ruling, he will receive a pay out.
The nearest challenger is Clerical Medical, which would pay out pounds 68,142, while Scottish Widows would pay pounds 59,762, Norwich Union pounds 59,568 and Legal & General pounds 59,047
It has filed numerous lawsuits to curb pay outs related to the spill after taking provisions for $42.
Nor, disappointingly, it is a shock that taxpayers have been denied the full story behind how the huge pay outs, to Mr Parkin and the late Lars Friis, came about.
STANDARD Life slashed pay outs by seven per cent yesterday and warned the lower rates were here to stay.
More than 100 members of staff at the Rhodia plant walked out in a series of 24 hour strikes after they feared their final pay outs would be jeopardised when new recruits were banned from joining the current scheme.