pay out

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Pleural plaques sufferers had been entitled to pay outs before 2007 when Law Lords ruled them ineligible for compensation.
RBS, which will be 84% state-owned under the terms of the Asset Protection Scheme, has to agree the size of its pay outs with UK Financial Investments, the body set up to manage public stakes in financial firms.
PAY outs by the Royal Mail to customers in North Wales and Cheshire for lost or delayed post reached almost pounds 200,000 last year.
The pay outs will cover 90% of the workers accrued pensions.
They were also criticised for agreeing to PRA receiving a percentage of compensation pay outs, and for not informing clients clearly enough about the relationship.
Confident Riddle said: ``There wouldn't be many pay outs because although we go on about some lapses in quality most visitors love this country, love the experience and most of all they love the people.
More than 100 members of staff at the Rhodia plant walked out in a series of 24 hour strikes after they feared their final pay outs would be jeopardised when new recruits were banned from joining the current scheme.
As part of the terms of its deal to insure bad debts, the Government wants to dictate both the "quantum and shape" of the pay outs at the bank for 2009, it is claimed.