pay respects

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IN THE DARK: Jean Taylor is furious Michael Wynne was briefly released to pay respects to his sister, without her knowledge
Islamabad, April 2 (BNA) - Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari will pay a private visit to India on April 8 to pray and pay respects at the shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer.
uk/pictures TOP FIVE 1 Liverpool launches battle to save city''sWorld Heritage Status 2 Southampton MP demands to know if Liverpool has struck behind the scenes cruise terminal deal 3 Remembrance Sunday: Thousands pay respects to war dead at St George''s Hall, in Liverpool 4 Family and friends lead touching tribute to hit and run victim Caroline Elliott in Sefton Park 5 Lloyds TSB agrees pounds 100,000 deal to sponsor Global Entrepreneurship Commission
Former heavyweight champions Ali and Larry Holmes and promoter Don King were among those to pay respects at the private funeral Monday.
The Indonesian Consulate General has taken this decision to express solidarity and affection to the government and the people of Pakistan at this time of catastrophe caused by the devastating floods and to pay respects to the flood victims.
Summary: BEIRUT: Local and international figures continued Wednesday to pay respects over the death of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, a top Shiite cleric.
SADNESS: Soldiers carry coffin, top, as mourners pay respects.
TRAGEDY: US officers pay respects after four colleagues were killed
North Korea sent messages to South Korea on Thursday that it will lift cross-border traffic restrictions imposed since December and restore a direct contact channel at the border, at least during the upcoming trip of its delegation to Seoul to pay respects to the late South Korean President Kim Dae Jung, Yonhap News Agency reported.
The soldiers who fell in Iraq and Afghanistan are taken along the three-mile road into the town where residents, shopkeepers and members of the British Legion pay respects.
Hundreds of mourners gathered to pay respects to the family including players and staff from both Rangers and the international set-up.
Janice Crowe visited the burial site to pay respects to her parents.