pay the bill

References in classic literature ?
Take my luggage on board the Campania to-morrow afternoon, and pay the bill at the hotel.
I will take it myself to the shop, pay the bill for you, and bring back the parcel.
Now you are deliciously fluffy, Pa, and in a state to astonish the waiter and pay the bill.
The four friends resumed their own clothes, girded on their swords, ordered Musqueton and Blaisois to pay the bill and to arrange everything for immediate departure, and wrapped in their large cloaks left in search of their game.
Ay, the same Joe, though with an arm the less, who used to make the quarterly journey on the grey mare to pay the bill to the purple- faced vintner; and that very same purple-faced vintner, formerly of Thames Street, now looked him in the face, and challenged him by name.
Athos entered without the least mistrust, and took out two pistoles to pay the bill.
Every one of these minor firms claimed and received the privilege of drawing bills on Pizzituti, Turlington & Branca for amounts varying from four to six thousand pounds--on no better security than a verbal understanding that the money to pay the bills should be forwarded before they fell due.
The next mail brought back the following reply: "I will be very glad to pay the bills for the library building as they are incurred, to the extent of twenty thousand dollars, and I am glad of this opportunity to show the interest I have in your noble work.
Summary: US President Barack Obama has told BP it will pay the bill for the clean up following the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
They have to know why they did not pay the bill and then accordingly take the next step," said Mr Murad.
ONE in five dog owners who have taken their pet to the vet have had to raid their savings to pay the bill.
Cyril doesn't trust electronic banking with his hard-earned money and often drives to the store where he bought an item to pay the bill in person and walk out with a receipt.