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A month ago a court ordered him to pay the equivalent of $50,000 (40,000 euros) to two government ministers who had accused him of defamation.
Evergrande Nanchang, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary, would pay the equivalent of USD617.
Jockey Club Racecourses and arena Racing Company, which operate half of the racecourses in Britain and almost 60 per cent of fixtures, will not enter new commercial agreements with bookmakers who do not pay the levy or an agreed equivalent on their digital business, nor have a commercial deal in place to pay the equivalent sum.
The band will have to apply to Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada to convert the property into reserve land as well as sign an agreement with the city to pay the equivalent of property taxes in exchange for police, fire and other services.
Local officials accused the cinema owners of drug-use propaganda by showing the film and ordered them to pay the equivalent of 113,000 dollars, Contactmusic reported.
Mehr said he must serve a prison term and also pay the equivalent of $35,000 to the victim's family.
Wirral council came under fire from care home owners late last year for only offering to pay the equivalent of "budget hotel" rates.
Anyway, back in the day we used to pay the equivalent of Dhs30 and we'd be there 8am-5pm.
It calls on Coal India to pay the equivalent of about $50 million U.
Earlier this week, the UK Government agreed to pay the equivalent of Gift Aid - which will add 25 per cent to all donations.
The semi-official ISNA news agency reported Monday that the lawyer has also been sentenced to pay the equivalent of $300 dollars for possessing a satellite TV receiver in his apartment.
AS a proportion of their income, Indian people pay the equivalent of pounds 10 for a litre of milk and pounds 6 for a kilo of rice.