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The holidays are now over and it's time to pay the piper .
The pair were also secret ly recorded that month when McDonald said: "He's got to pay the Piper boy and the Piper's not a happy man.
It's likely Judge Fox will sentence her immediately since she already confessed and appears ready to pay the piper, said local DUI attorney Paul Takakjian.
I would like to point out to Nussbaum and others who continue to present their tired rationalizations that if you dance to the music you have to pay the piper.
Neglect PM and you may get by a hundred times and only pay the piper once.
So, as always, it's the soldiers who pay the piper for politicians who, as the trumpets play the Last Post, have suddenly qualified their support of the war and emerged from their foxholes to attempt to score points with the blood of young men.
Sourcing local produce is slightly more expensive, but people are prepared to pay the piper at the end of the day.
We're all going to have to pay the piper," he said.
It's no wonder they took the money but unfortunately thanks to the credit crunch they are about to pay the piper.